Kitchen Caddy Bags • 8L 150 bags

Mini | 42 x 39cm | 150 bags per roll

These thick & strong compostable bags are perfect for lining your kitchen counter top bin. They lock in smells and lock out flies and pests.

Product features
Product specs

Mini 8L | 42 x 39cm | 18μm
150 flat top bags per roll
15 rolls per carton

Additional Information

Switching to MyEcoBag® makes a bigger difference than you know. It helps divert food from landfill to the organic waste stream where it breaks down to help make nutrient rich soil for farmers across Australia.

Product FAQs
What are MyEco® products made from?

MyEco® products are made from GMO free organic corn starch and natural plasticizers, like sorbitol and glycerol (also derived from plants), which is added to make our products softer and more flexible. Our products are natural and a renewable alternative to conventional plastic.

What’s FOGO?

FOGO stands for Food Organics and Garden Organics. Council FOGO programs allow food to be added to standard green bins provided and collected as part of the regular household kerb-side waste collection service. Waste is recycled into top quality compost.

The cost of landfill, desire to drive down greenhouse gas emissions, government targets and constituent pressure is motivating an increasing number of councils to shift to FOGO programs. Australia currently has 121 FOGO councils and counting. Check with your local council if to see if they are running a FOGO program you can be part of.

What’s the shelf life of a MyEco® product?

The average shelf life of a MyEco® product is approximately 12 months. To maximise shelf life, store MyEco® in a dry cool place, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Do MyEco® products break down in home compost?

Yes, MyEco® products are certified home compostable. In an active compost environment, a MyEco® product will break down in under 6 months. Success of home composting depends on the conditions of your compost.

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