We are good for the planet.

Did you know?

Australians use over 3.5 billion kg of plastic each year!

That’s nearly 140kg per person! Not only that, but our use of plastic is increasing, and is expected to double across the world by 2040* unless we change the way we do things.

*Source: Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water & Environment, National Plastics Plan, 2021

Together we
can make a difference.

You can play a role in reducing our plastics problem and give back to our beautiful planet by choosing MyEcoBag® products. With this simple act, you can help reduce the effect of greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a zero-waste, circular economy.

Switching to MyEcoBag® makes a bigger difference than you know.

Reduces the amount of conventional plastics that end up in landfill
Diverts food from landfill to the organic waste stream where it breaks down to help make nutrient rich soil
Fully disintegrates in compost leaving behind no harmful microplastics or other toxic residues
Helps create fertile soil for our farmers and home gardeners to grow valuable crops, plants and flowers
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