Produce Bags

Regular | 44 x 26cm | 250 bags per roll

These certified compostable bags are the perfect sustainable solution for bagging fresh fruit and vegetables instead of regular plastic bags.

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Product specs

Regular | 44 x 26cm | 18μm
250 bags per roll
6 rolls per carton

Additional Information

Here’s a corny story: our produce bags are made with vegetables, help you carry vegetables, can be re-used to collect vegetable scraps and can then be turned into compost to help farmer grow vegetables!

Product FAQs
Is MyEco® as strong as a regular plastic bag?

Yes, the strength and thickness of a MyEco® product is comparable to a regular plastic bag. Our team of experts have spent years perfecting our products and continue to develop and improve our compostable technology.

What’s the shelf life of a MyEco® product?

The average shelf life of a MyEco® product is approximately 12 months. To maximise shelf life, store MyEco® in a dry cool place, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Do MyEco® products break down in home compost?

Yes, MyEco® products are certified home compostable. In an active compost environment, a MyEco® product will break down in under 6 months. Success of home composting depends on the conditions of your compost.

What’s wrong with other alternatives such as recyclable bags or paper bags?

Recyclable bags do not help at the root of the plastic problem. Of the 400 million tons of plastic produced globally each year, approximately 100 million tons is soft plastic – 40% of this goes to landfill, 32% to the environment, and a smaller percentage to recycle and incineration.

Paper bags as a sustainable alternative is also questionable. To replace plastic bags with paper (assuming 20g/bag) would require 480 million trees. We’re sure you will agree that’s a lot of trees! Not only that, but production of paper has 6 times greater CO2 output than compostables.

Certified compostable bags are a natural, reliable substitute that assists in reducing the bad plastics and create a circular cycle that can heal and not harm the environment.

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