Officeworks Postal Satchels • A4

Medium | 325 x 250mm | 3 pack options

These super strong compostable courier satchels are the sustainable solution to ship your goods around the planet while caring for it.

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Product features
Product specs

Medium | 325 x 250mm | 75μm
Easy peel & seal
3 pack options:
- Pack of 5 postal satchels
- Commercial carton of 50 packs (250 postal satchels)
- Commercial cartons of 100 packs (500 postal satchels)

Additional Information

Our courier bags are totally re-usable. They are designed to be reused to collect your food scraps and garden waste. Once full, pop into your home compost or green bin. They will break down and return to the earth!

Product FAQs
What are MyEco® products made from?

MyEco® products are made from GMO free organic corn starch and natural plasticizers, like sorbitol and glycerol (also derived from plants), which is added to make our products softer and more flexible. Our products are natural and a renewable alternative to conventional plastic.

Is MyEco® as strong as a regular plastic bag?

Yes, the strength and thickness of a MyEco® product is comparable to a regular plastic bag. Our team of experts have spent years perfecting our products and continue to develop and improve our compostable technology.

What’s the shelf life of a MyEco® product?

The average shelf life of a MyEco® product is approximately 12 months. To maximise shelf life, store MyEco® in a dry cool place, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Do MyEco® products break down in home compost?

Yes, MyEco® products are certified home compostable. In an active compost environment, a MyEco® product will break down in under 6 months. Success of home composting depends on the conditions of your compost.

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